Tschudi Aggregates deliver to Yamal LNG project at Sabetta

Only months after the go-ahead for the Yamal LNG plant being announced Tschudi Aggregates has already secured a foothold in this new market by entering into two aggregate supply contracts for 2014.

Tschudi has now loaded the fourth shipment from the Port of Kirkenes for Sabetta this season. The aggregates are being used for various construction purposes.

ESL Shipping’s Supramax m/s Kumpula left Kirkenes primo august loaded with 35.000 tons destined for this major port project in Sabetta. This shipment was organized by Tschudi’s subsidiary Rederiet Otto Danielsen in Denmark. 

Throughout the 2014 season Tschudi Aggregates expect to export more than 400.000 tons for the Sabetta construction. 

Since the first export in 2011, Tschudi Aggregates has had continuous deliveries to Russia and the local Norwegian market. Previous deliveries into Russia have been used by the construction and offshore industries, including the covering of the gas pipeline across Baydaratskaya Bay.

Please also read the attached Press Release on Tschudi and ESL Shipping.